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AYP Holdings Inc. is an holding company that seeks growth in all business areas. They focus not only in marketing and selling their services to a niche market but also in providing employment to serve each company under AYP Holdings Inc., and by ensuring growth and progression in every employee. The company also seeks to nurture and develop the subsidiary companies and newly established subsidiary companies by expansion and diversifying the services of each company.

Dr. Albert Y. Pingoy – the man handling 17 subsidiary companies which are Wind and Wave Davao, Prestige Boats, Hydromax, Aerowurkz, Laundryworld, Purewater, Capitaland, Financenter, Prestige Farms,AYP Construction,AYP Investment & Management Co., AYP Prime Forex, Davao Aviation Supply Corp.,Davao Ship Supply & Services Corp., Fiesta Mart,Prestige Motorworks Inc. and Prime Insurance Corp. explored the world of business for more than 20 years now. He envisions himself in creating a great expansion plan wherein there is an endless cycle of learning for growth.

Keys to Success

AYP Holdings Inc. believes that consistency in delivering quality products and services, an in-depth knowledge in the industry, thorough research and study, hands on experiences, choosing and training its people well, and constant productive communication with clients are major keys to succeeding in the business world.

Competitive Edge

AYP Holdings Inc. has established a firm and solid relationship with its banks investors and suppliers. It has a dynamic and goal-oriented team, with vast experience and knowledge foundation of the industry.

In combining management and cash flow among its current member companies, AYP Holdings Inc. is able to accumulate and ensure a steady flow of income and profit regardless of off season lag in sales and services.

With investment and operations of eleven industries that are interrelated and complementary, seasonal losses of one or more subsidiary company are balanced by gains in other companies.

Investors and creditors are ensured that AYP Holdings Inc. has a steady income that will sustain operations and development of its business units, ready for arising opportunities.

With its sound financing base,marketing strategy, and growing investments,it aims to raise the goodwill in the market not only of its own but of the subsidiaries companies as well.